CNC Technik Weiss - der Spezialist für innovative Rundschleiftechnik



Before - After

circular grinding machines are an investment. And investments should be profitable -that is what makes the targeted modernisation of the drive unit, control unit and operating components so meaningful. While the basic mechanical components, such as the machine bed and cast elements have extended longevity, the progress in the CNC sector is so rapid that maintenance often becomes very expensive after a few years and is also only possible to a limited extent. The consequence of this can be long machine standstill.

But it does not need to go this far, CNC-Technik Weiss is a retrofitting specialist. Thanks to the latest drive and control unit technology and with contemporary full-space machine casing, we can build a new system on the machine bed of old Karstens types. Bearings, spindles, drive units - everything at the state-of-the-art. And all of that at an attractive price-performance ratio.  Read more