W 11


conventional, universal premium circular grinding machine

One thing is certain: For circular grinding work in individual parts and sample parts, a conventional machine is still the best solution. Interest, manually switch on the grinding disk, grind, position, measure and finish grinding - the end. Therefore, Weiss has always built conventional hydraulic machines like the W11. And they will continue to exist as long as the customers intend to take care of simple functions easily and quickly.
And from 2009, the Weiss classic is even more user friendly: Upon request, the machine is supplied with electronic handwheels and a small CNC control unit, which e.g. takes over the automatic dressing.


And since the Weiss classic has been even more user-friendly since 2009, the machine is delivered with electronic handwheels and a small CNC control, which can be used, for example. the automatic dressing. Here goes to the WEISS W11 CNC conventional universal grinding machine   




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